Free Eclipse Glasses and Eclipse Viewers

We will be happy to send you one (1) "Free" pair of the paper Eclipse Glasses or an Eclipse Viewer. You will have to follow these instructions to ensure your delivery!

1. Send us a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope "SASE" ($0.48 US)

Rainbow Symphony, Inc. 
6860 Canby Ave. Suite 120 
Reseda · CA · 91335

2. Inside, Specify Eclipse Glasses or an Eclipse Viewer...
we need to know this!

3. Make sure you put a "SASE" ($0.48 US) inside the envelope you are sending to us or we will have nothing to send you the glasses back in.

Stop back often.  We'll keep you informed of other free offers, product specials, new product releases and news of the upcoming events. Make sure you visit the Rainbow Symphony Store to order Eclipse Shades – Safe Solar Eclipse Glasses well before the big event. 

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